Our Promise to You
  • Precision Mold will provide injection molds of the highest quality in the market.
  • What is good for our customer is good for Precision Mold. If a project appears outside our area of expertise, we will tell you and help you find a solution that meets your specific needs. It would be a failure on our part to endanger a customer’s project by taking undue risk.
  • Delivery of our first mold to a new customer will arrive with a member of our ownership and management team to assure the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction has been achieved. If an issue of any kind exists, our team will make it right.
  • Production of plastic parts does not exist in our facility. Production of plastic parts will never exist in our facility. Our team believes an inherent conflict of interest exists when mold producers enter the parts production business.
  • We are committed to a team-based approach to bidding. It is our wish to work with customers early in the project budgeting process to find ways to reduce total costs. If we can assist a customer prior to submission of their total proposal, we may enhance the probability of their success.
  • The ownership, management, and employees of the company operate as a single team. We will succeed or fail as a unit. If any individual has goals that differ significantly from those of the team, they will be encouraged to work elsewhere.
  • Our entire team will financially benefit from the success the company has. A well-defined incentive program is essential to keeping the best employees inside the organization.
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